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Profitable data & AI solutions for your successful innovation

We connect your domain knowledge with our cloud expertise to deliver data, IoT and AI solutions that future-proof your business.

Our expertise

Data & AI solutions for every step of your digital transformation

Whether you are looking for guidance to initiate your digital transformation journey or need to scale up in-house data and AI solutions, Datamole is here to help.

Jump-start your innovation

Data & AI consulting

Connect your business leaders and domain experts with our consulting team to get guidance for a successful data & artificial intelligence innovation.

We can help you:

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    Understand how data & AI can help your business thrive
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    Identify challenges and discuss which data & AI solutions can bring you the most value
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    Create data & AI strategy
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Capitalize on your machine data

Custom IoT solutions

Turn your machine data into impactful actions and valuable information by leveraging our expertise in building data and Internet of Things solutions.

We can help you:

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    Uncover the potential of industrial IoT for your business
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    Develop and maintain end-to-end data solutions
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    Seamlessly integrate IoT solutions into your existing systems

Become an AI-driven business

Tailored AI & ML solutions

Utilize the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence in your business and open up new opportunities.

We can help you:

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    Discover and launch new AI initiatives
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    Scale up existing machine learning and AI solutions
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    Develop predictive maintenance, computer vision and other solutions
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Get actionable insights

Custom visualization & apps

Enable quick insights to your data and processes for people in your company as well as your customers.

As a part of our data & AI solutions, we can help you:

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    Build custom visualizations and reports
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    Develop web and mobile applications
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    Integrate with 3rd party analytics & reporting tools

Our customers

Trusted by industrial innovators

Testimonial Image
"Datamole's exceptionally high standards towards collaboration both internally and externally, makes them a reliable, responsible and enjoyable partner to work with."

Rik Steenbergen

Senior product engineer at Lely

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"As a company with not much experience in data & AI field, Datamole coached us very well to get the right solutions for us implemented and working in a very short period of time."

Marc Biermann

CTO at Cup&Cino

Our key areas

Industries we innovate

Value we bring

Why choose Datamole


100+ successful data & AI projects

With 7+ years of experience from  100+ data & AI projects across industries, we know how to make your innovation a success.

Multidisciplinary team of 80+ experts

We have a full-stack team of 80+ experts who are ready to develop and maintain your data, IoT and AI solutions.

Cost savings from pre-made solutions

We've developed a number of pre-made platforms that help you save costs and shorten the time to market of your projects.

Close collaboration

Most customers form multiyear relationships with us. We work with you closely and support you along your entire data & AI journey.

Considering becoming a data/AI driven business?