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Enhance your products and services with machine learning and artificial intelligence

Unlock new business opportunities by optimizing your products and providing innovative services to your customers.

Challenges we solve

We bring the power
of AI to your business

AI & ML Solutions Illustration Datamole

With 100+ successful data and AI projects, Datamole will help you overcome common challenges and deliver reliable AI & ML solutions.

Our expertise

AI and ML solutions


Data science & research

Explore the full potential of your data and validate your business ideas. Our experienced data science team explores your data and supports you when you need to test a hypothesis, research a novel approach and prototype a solution.

Sensor analysis & fusion

Gain quick insights and benefit from fusion of your sensory data. Our solutions focused on sensory data allow you to get more information about your system, analyze behavior, detect anomalies and even predict events and incidents.

Computer vision

Replace or enhance manual labor and automate processes that depend on a visual assessment. Our computer vision solutions enable image/video object detection, object classification, object tracking, or 3D reconstructions.

Predictive maintenance & condition monitoring

Say goodbye to reactive and costly preventative maintenance. Our condition monitoring solutions give you full visibility into the status of your machinery. Our predictive maintenance solutions allow you to plan ahead and avoid unexpected costs.

Robot process automation

Automate and propagate intelligence to your processes with AI techniques. We develop solutions that enable smart automation which reduces the need of human labor for repetitive tasks and allows you to provide faster and more efficient services.

Smart products development

Propagate intelligence to your devices and enhance their capabilities. We develop tailored solutions that bring AI into your smart product, opening up opportunities unthinkable a decade ago and allowing you to be ahead of the competition.

Examples of our AI solutions

Rely on our experience from 100+ successful projects


AI-powered milking robots at Lely improve farm performance & cow health


Data analysis at Agrifac enables product improvements and better decision making


Computer vision and predictive models advise farmers on calf breeding

Our key areas

Industries we innovate

Our typical process for an AI project

From proof of concept to production in 3 - 12 months


1. AI project plan

Together with our domain experts, we collect requirements & create feasible project plan for your AI use case.

2. Proof of Concept within 3 months

Our data scientists work on a proof of concept (PoC) to prove viability of the initial idea. We typically deliver a PoC within 3 months.

3. Productionization in 3 - 12 months

We work on productionization of the PoC to create a robust & scalable solution. Depending on the project complexity, this stage can take weeks or months.

4. Operation and maintenance

We offer ongoing maintenance and support of your artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

Why become AI-driven

Make your business thrive on innovation


New revenue streams

Unlock new revenue streams and opportunities with AI-driven products.

Improved decision making

Make the right decisions supported by facts and rely on data instead of opinions.

Optimized processes

Increase process efficiency and deliver additional value with less resources.

Enhanced customer experience

Maximize client satisfaction by providing AI-powered customer-centric services.

Intelligent products and services

Enrich your products with intelligence and gain a competitive advantage.

Data-driven development

Accelerate development of new products & services with data & AI techniques.

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Let's discuss your
AI/ML needs

Profile Tom Borovicka

Tomáš Borovička

CEO & AI lead
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