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Jump-start your innovation with data & AI strategy consulting

Get helpful guidance and a clear vision for your data & AI initiatives by connecting with our experts.
Data & AI Consulting Illustration Datamole

Challenges we solve

We help companies get an effective data & AI strategy

Data & AI Consulting Illustration Datamole

Digital transformation is a complex process for every business. Avoid potential drawbacks by consulting your data & AI needs with us and get expert tailored advice to your company.

Solution we offer

Data & AI strategy
consultation package

We offer a series of tailored and highly interactive workshops between your team and our experts. Depending on your current needs, you can either choose a specific workshop or get a bundled package.

1. Educate

Your executives need to create a vision, your business and department leads should set goals and directions for AI projects. We will educate your leadership to get necessary business understanding of AI and its impact on corporate strategy.

2. Ideate

We help you identify opportunities that can be tackled with data & AI. By researching your business operations, analyzing top cost drivers/revenue streams and identifying your business priorities, we create an opportunity list that will help you set your goals.

3. Define

A perfect workshop when you know your business challenges but you don't know how to utilize data & AI to solve them. You will brainstorm with our experts about possible data & AI solutions and together specify concrete initiatives that will support your business strategy.

4. Strategize

Together, we lay foundations of your data & AI strategy which will guide your company towards the creation of value. We will help you assess and prioritize the initiatives and identify where AI can create the most value with reasonable investment and time to market.

Our customers

Trusted by industrial innovators

Testimonial Image
"As a company with not much experience in data & AI field, Datamole coached us very well to get the right solutions for us implemented and working in a very short period of time."

Marc Biermann

CTO at Cup&Cino

Our typical process

Quick win in 3 months, production-ready in 6 months


1. Pre-workshop consultation

A few weeks ahead of the workshop time, we'll ask for your input to collect artifacts and assess your data & AI maturity.

2. Two-day onsite workshop

We meet with your team for two days of intensive onsite workshops where we lay foundations of your data & AI strategy.

3. Final report

We provide the final report detailing the assessment and recommended first steps for your digital transformation.

4. Post-workshop consultation

Together with your team, we discuss the report and included recommendations. You get all your questions answered.

Contact us

Let's discuss your data &
AI consulting needs

Profile Tom Borovicka

Tomáš Borovička

CEO & AI lead
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