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Where work brings you satisfaction

We offer rewarding projects and friendly relationships - a luxury not so easy to find elsewhere. Come join us.

Prague, Brno, Český Krumlov

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Who we are

Data & AI company. Friends. Innovators.

When Tom and Ondra founded Datamole back in 2015, they wanted to build a company where people can be friends and work on projects that feel rewarding.

Now we're an established business of 80+ people and the original vision has become the backbone of our existence. We get on well with our clients and with each other.

Our data & AI solutions improve well-being of cows, reduce microscope downtime or in another way help industrial companies innovate their business and become more sustainable and profitable.

We're looking for new colleagues who enjoy friendly company culture and want to work on projects with a beneficial impact on the industry.

Our motto

We do the work we like, with the people we like in an environment we like

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Open positions

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Our values

You're a good fit
if you also enjoy...


Team spirit

Giving somebody a helping hand should be a part of your DNA as there's no such thing as someone else's problem at Datamole.

Continuous learning

Striving for excellence is a must-have. You will get a chance to learn something new every week at our knowledge sharing sessions.

Good relationships

General camaraderie, lasting friendships or chatting with company founders are common phenomena you will experience at Datamole.

Giving back

We're happy to support charities as a company and also encourage individual philanthropy via volunteering or donations.

Useful feedback

You will be encouraged to give and receive feedback and listen to other points of view. It keeps our minds open and builds respect.

More freedom, less rules

Rather than rigid rules, we rely on trust and fairness. It gives you freedom to find the best approach and solutions.

We asked

What Datamoles
appreciate the most

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Great colleagues

"Datamole puts its people first. We have like-minded people and it's easy to bond and also enjoy activities that are not work related."
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Friendly culture

"Datamole is a nice place for people who want to advance their skills while working on interesting projects and while also enjoying their workplace."
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Rewarding projects

"I appreciate that our projects can bring a real-world benefit, not just make someone richer."

Opportunities for students

Collaboration with academia

We're a gold partner of Faculty of Information Technology at Czech Technical University in Prague. Our Datamole AI & IoT laboratory allows students to gain experience in real-world projects. They often stay with us as full-time colleagues after finishing their studies.

We believe in giving back to the community. We're happy to share our knowledge by teaching courses related to data and artificial intelligence.


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