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Capitalize on your machine data with Internet of Things solutions

Turn your machine data into impactful actions and valuable information by leveraging our expertise in building data and IoT solutions.

Challenges we solve

We bring the power
of IoT to your business

IoT Solutions Illustration Datamole

With 7+ years of experience, Datamole will help you avoid dead-ends and fulfill the promise of IoT in your business.

Datamole IoT solutions

From machine data to profitable data products

Leverage our expertise and resources in data engineering to finally make sense out of your data.

Tailored data solution for your use case

We tackle data & IoT challenges that do not have an easy, off-the-shelf solution. We specialize in building fully customized solutions that address your specific situation.

Understanding edge, on-premise and cloud computing

With our expertise in data engineering, data architecture, cloud architecture, edge computing, and data operations, we know how to build reliable cloud, edge or on-premise solutions.

Design, development & operations of data solutions

We cover the whole lifecycle of your data & IoT solutions: from designing, through development and deployment, to operations.

Scalable, future-proof and cost-effective  

We know how to build a future-proof data architecture and make your solution scale, while keeping your budget in mind with cost-effective cloud storage solutions.

Our key areas

Industries we innovate

Examples of our IoT solutions

Rely on our 7+ years of experience


Unlocking new revenue streams thanks to data from 30,000 robots


Improved decision making thanks to data analysis from sprayers


Seamless device management with data collection from coffee machines

Why become data & AI driven

Goodbye guesswork.
Welcome data-driven clarity


Unlocking new revenue streams

Leverage data to quickly validate your business propositions and to open new sources of income.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Understand exactly how your customers use your machines and improve your products accordingly.

Improving product quality

Evaluate feedback from your machines constantly. Predict product quality issues to avoid any disruptions to the production process.

Improving operations efficiency

Monitor all your machines remotely and automatically without the need for your service team to visit the sites.

Informed decision making

Support your business decisions with key metrics so your strategy planning is easier to do and more predictable.

Competitive advantage

Apply the Industry 4.0 paradigm and start your digital transformation to get ahead of your competition.

Our typical process

Quick win in 3 months, production-ready in 6 months


1. IoT roadmap consultation

We collect and analyze your requirements to create a clear IoT roadmap with suitable technologies for your use case.

2. Proof of Concept in 3 months

Within 3 months, we usually deliver a proof of concept (POC) that demonstrates the possibilities and value of data for your business.

3. Production-ready in 6 months

Our team works on productionization of POC. We typically achieve a production-ready solution in 6 months.

4. Cost-effective operations

We provide operation and maintenance of your IoT solutions at predictable cost to respect your budget plans.

For developers

Looking for a ready-made platform to jump-start your IoT journey?

Our partner Spotflow provides an open, scalable and secure IIoT platform, which can be up and running in a matter of minutes. This robust and industry-proven platform enables developers to connect devices easily, collect data, manage devices remotely and a lot more...

Contact us

Let's discuss your
IoT needs

Picture of CTO - Ondřej Stuchlík

Ondřej Stuchlík

CTO & Data Engineering Lead
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