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Your agricultural business powered by data and artificial intelligence

We provide ready-made and tailored data & artificial intelligence solutions that make your agricultural business more profitable and sustainable.

Challenges we overcome

We lead agricultural companies on their digital transformation journey

At any stage of your digital transformation journey, Datamole is here to guide you step-by-step to avoid the pitfalls of agriculture 4.0.


Struggle to connect machines and collect data on scale


Unplanned machine downtime and costly maintenance


Lack of in-house manpower to boost innovation efforts


Difficulties with process automation and utilization of machines


Achieving sustainability and waste reduction with smart forecasting

What are your challenges?

Our expertise

Tailored Internet of Things & artificial intelligence solutions for farming machinery, animals and crops

Image Farm Equipment

Farm equipment tracking & monitoring

Reduces operating costs and offers smart alerting features.
Image Precision Farming

Precision farming

Optimizes resource utilization to improve farm profitability.
Image Computer Vision

Computer vision

Automates processes that depend on visual assessment.
Image Predictive Maintenance

Condition monitoring & predictive maintenance

Enables product quality control and prolongs equipment lifespan.
Image Remote Sensors

Remote sensors & climate analysis

Get insights from your sensors and weather condition analysis.
Image Smart Farming

Smart farming analytics

Provides actionable insights and improves decision making.

Successful case studies

Rely on our 7+ years of experience
from agritech projects

From evaluating ripeness of fruit, through analyzing data from crop sprayers to improving well-being of cows: our data & AI solutions innovate the agricultural industry.


Highlighted case study

Unlocking new revenue streams thanks to data from 30,000 robots

Datamole helps Lely, the leader in farming innovations, to collect and process data from >30,000 robots around the globe.

Data insights enable new and improved use cases, such as personalization of the milking routine for >2 million cows every day.


Improved decision making thanks to data analysis from sprayers

Datamole helps Agrifac, the renowned manufacturer of innovative agriculture machinery, to consolidate and analyze telemetry data from their sprayers and thus improve decision making process.
Image Cow Hay

Anomaly detection in cow health provides insights to farmers

Our solution detects anomalies in cow behavior in near real time, helping farmers to choose an appropriate preventive or corrective action. Farmers get informed about these deviations and can easily act upon the insights.

Predicting fruit ripeness to eliminate food waste

Datamole joined forces with a company to evaluate fruit quality and ripeness in a non-invasive way utilizing innovative sensors and artificial intelligence, with the goal to revolutionize in-line analysis of fruit in sorting lines and help reduce food waste.

Who we are

Data, IoT & AI experts ready to solve your agricultural use cases


qualified experts

in AI, IoT, data engineering & UI/UX


successfully delivered

data & AI projects


year founded

7+ years of experience



we're based in the Czech Republic

Our customers

Trusted by agricultural innovators

Testimonial ImageTestimonial Image
"Datamole's exceptionally high standards towards collaboration both internally and externally, makes them a reliable, responsible and enjoyable partner to work with."

Rik Steenbergen

Senior product engineer at Lely

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Let's discuss your
innovation needs

Profile Tom Borovicka

Tomáš Borovička

CEO & AI Lead
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