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Save time to market and costs with Datamole products

We have built and battle-tested tools and platforms to decrease development costs of your data & AI solutions.

The backbone of your data solutions

IoT platform

Developer-friendly platform which grows with your business, turns your data into actionable insights, and enables your organization to make better business decisions.

IoT Solutions Illustration Datamole

AI-powered identification of deviations

Anomaly Detection Tool (ADT)

Plug-and-play web app that allows you to spot anomalies, get notifications and uncover business incidents as they're happening. Free trial available.


More products

Our platforms & frameworks


Machine Learning Platform

Platform that enables data scientists and engineers to easily develop and deploy machine learning models and standardize your machine learning solutions throughout their entire life cycle.

Predictive Maintenance Framework

Framework powered by ML and AI techniques that helps reduce unplanned downtime and optimize maintenance costs with condition monitoring and smart maintenance of your devices.

Our services

Looking for custom
data & AI solutions?