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Datamole IoT platform

Developer-friendly platform with modular architecture

Developer friendly platform which grows with you, turns your data into actionable insights, and enables your organization to make better business decisions.


Connect any device from anywhere

Connectivity between devices and the cloud is a foundational step of any IoT solution. The platform supports:

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    Bidirectional communication between your devices and the cloud, allowing you to send data and also control devices from the cloud
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    All industry standard protocols such as HTTPs, lightweight IoT specific protocols (AMQP, MQTT) and more
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    Message encryption
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    Secure gateway shielding your devices from Internet threats, managing connectivity issues and handling priority of messages

Manage your devices seamlessly

Centralize your device management and handle your infrastructure without hassle. The platform allows you to:

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    Provision and register devices
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    Monitor state of your devices and setup alerting
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    Authenticate devices using X.509 certificates and authorize them using configuration in the cloud
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    Configure and control your devices from the cloud using device twins and direct method calls

Collect & store data of any type & size

Establish a source of truth where all your device data resides. The platform provides:

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    Scalable and highly-available ingestion which scales according to your business needs
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    Reliable and durable storage that ensures your data will never get lost
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    Data agnostic storage to collect and store data of any type and volume

Build event or batch data processing pipelines

Build data processing pipelines according to the needs of your downstream applications. The platform supports:

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    Event-based processing for low latency apps or batch processing for the rest
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    Orchestration of complex data processing pipelines via intuitive UI interface or via execution of your code in language of your choice
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    Version control by using declarative definitions of your pipelines

Share, visualize & analyze your data

Connect your data pipelines to third-party tools or expose them to your downstream applications. The platform offers:

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    Ready-to-use visualization and analytics tools allowing you to work with data out of the box
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    Data APIs for integration of any third-party application such as Tableau, PowerBI, JupyterLab, etc.
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    Data democratization via role-based access control to enable collaboration across your entire organization

Platform advantages

Flexible, scalable and resilient

Flexible microservice architecture

Composed of smartly orchestrated autonomous microservices, it brings simplicity in developing, maintaining and operating the entire ecosystem. Each microservice performs its own function and is decoupled from the rest of the system. This makes it easier to develop new functionalities, scale each part independently and build more secure and resilient applications.

Scalable by design

State-of-the-art distributed architecture provides dynamic scalability. You can easily scale from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of devices. The microservices architecture allows you to scale individual services independently, making it less expensive. Datamole IoT platform will grow with your business.

Highly available

The platform is designed to avoid loss of service by managing failures automatically using self-healing mechanisms, backed up by monitoring probes which constantly evaluate the health of the system and trigger alerts if needed. Additionally, all services are updated independently from the rest of the system in a zero-downtime manner.

Fully customizable

Thanks to the microservices architecture and ready-to-use extensibility points, you can effortlessly build or add new services with specific functionalities or integrate with your existing systems. Datamole IoT platform is built to allow full customization, so it can be a good fit for your specific use cases and business needs.

Built-in security

Security centric architecture provides full protection and control over your data when it is in transit, stored or processed. We partner with major cloud providers who guarantee that data and services are secured according to the latest industry standards.

In the cloud or on-premise

A cloud deployment brings many benefits and advantages. However, if you need to run on-premises, the platform is able to run in a private or hybrid cloud so you meet your business or regulatory requirements and stay in full control of your system.

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