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Looking for a ready-made platform to jump-start your IoT journey?

If you want to build IoT solutions yourself, our partner Spotflow provides an open, scalable, and secure IIoT platform.

Elevate your IIoT game

Spotflow's IIoT platform enables you to:


get insights into your machines


collect machine data around the world


unify your IoT operations


manage a fleet of any size from the cloud

Imagine the possibilities

Discover the core features of the Spotflow's IIoT platform

Spotflow Industrial IoT platform offers a suite of fundamental features to easily connect your machines, collect your data, and manage devices from the cloud.

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Device integration

Connect any device effortlessly via Device SDK and unlock instant access to platform features.
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Device management

Gain a comprehensive overview of your fleet's status and performance.
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Data collection & processing

Ingest any type and size of your data, and route them to various storages or 3rd party apps.
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Seamless integration

Seamlessly plug the platform into your existing environment.
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IoT analytics

Get actionable insights through build-in analytics or 3rd party integrations with your existing tools.
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Edge Computing

Process your data locally to reduce latency, cutting connectivity cost, and improve data security.

Went the extra mile for you

Robust, industry-proven IIoT platform designed for heavy load

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Easy to start now

With Spotflow IIoT platform you can start building your IoT solution now, without needing initial infrastructure deployment. The platform seamlessly integrates into your existing ecosystem.

State of the art architecture

Spotflow follows the recent trends, keeping the platform always state-of-the-art, so you can focus on what matters the most for your business - generating value for your customers.

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Developer focused

Flexibility is the key. We equipped the platform with all necessary interfaces, from low-level granular APIs to SDKs, CLIs, and GUI.

Your reliable IIoT partner

About Spotflow

In 2019, the first version of the industrial IoT platform was introduced, driving IoT solutions for Datamole customers. By 2020, there were 100k provisioned devices and tens of successfully implemented IoT solutions powered by the platform.

Nowadays, the platform team is on its mission to help make the world more data-driven by building the most effective self-service IIoT platform on a proven basis of the Datamole projects under the Spotflow brand.


Ready to get started?

Explore the platform in more detail. Spotflow offers a free trial, so do not hesitate to reach out!

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