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We help industrial companies develop data and AI-driven products and services. Our key sectors include agritech, machinery, manufacturing, biotech or foodtech.


Innovating dairy industry with AI at Lely

Since 2015, we’ve collaborated with farming innovators at Lely on a number of projects that innovate the dairy industry. From optimizing milking settings or analyzing feed intake to monitoring the calving process, our projects have a joint mission: to make farmers’ lives easier and treat people, animals, and the environment responsibly.

Collecting coffee machine data at Cup&Cino

The international coffee company Cup&Cino uses Datamole Data Platform to collect data from their coffee machines and thus opens up opportunities for new revenue streams as well as predictive maintenance of their machines in the future. Datamole has also provided an online customer portal for data visualization and integration with an accounting system.

Analyzing data for better decision making at Agrifac

Agrifac, the renowned specialist in crop protection and manufacturer of innovative agriculture machinery, uses Datamole Data Platform to consolidate telemetry data collected from their sprayers. Both Agrifac and their end customers benefit from the automated data analysis. It helps them gain insights into machine KPIs, and thus improves their decision making. Custom analyses provide them with feedback useful for the continuous evolution of the sprayer design.

Predictive models for calf management process

We've participated in the project Calf2Cow which gives recommendations for breeding calves based on monitoring the growth of individual animals. It provides farmers with an objective all-in-one system able to predict the potential of individual calves and thus streamlines the calf selection management.

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