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Senior Full-Stack Developer

We're looking for an experienced Full-Stack Developer to join our team in Prague.
*Our culture based on good relationships is the top priority for us. Therefore, remote/mostly remote work is not possible.


We have exciting projects and we're looking for your expertise. You could lead the development of a portal optimizing ingredient amounts through chemical reactions. Or one that improves food stock-life to reduce waste, or perhaps empower end-users to configure our cloud platform. Your smart thinking and swift skills are what we need.

Your responsibilities
will include: code reviews, analysis, development, and design thinking as well as communication with various stakeholders, analyzing issues, and proposing suitable solutions

You should have:

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    Strong grasp of full-stackweb app development
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    Proficiency in TypeScript and React
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    Ability to translate requirements into practical designs
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    Understanding of component-driven development
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    Expertise in complex app state management using Redux
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    Experience with react data fetching libraries (RTK query, react-query, swr...)
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    Backend implementation experience in JavaScript

Nice to have experience with:

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    Redux-Toolkit Query
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    Kubernetes (being able to write/deploy custom deployments; not need to be able to set up cluster)
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    Docker and GitHub/GitLab actions
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    Relational databases, including ER modeling, indexing, and complex queries
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    Software engineering best practices (algorithms, O-notation, data structures, pure functions, OOP vs. FP awareness, etc.)
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Let's face it: we are not creating websites. Instead, we use JavaTypeScript to develop complex applications. Although we do care about the appearance, well-written code following tried-and-true software engineering techniques and recommendations matter most.
We can live with pixel imperfections, we can't digest spaghetti code. Our work is more about software-engineering, less about coding.


Webdev Team Lead

Benefits we offer

What it's like to work at Datamole


Family-like culture

We have good relationships based on trust, respect and transparent communication.

6 weeks of vacation

Plus one more week for fresh fathers and 5 sick days to make sure you're well-rested.

Flexible working hours

Both early birds and night owls are welcomed. Our core working hours are 10 AM - 3 PM.

Team-building events 4x a year

We organize offsite summer & winter weekend events + multiple one-day sessions during the week.

Free Czech & English lessons

We speak English (our company language), Czech (most people), and sometimes Czenglish ;)

Projects with a real-world impact

Our projects improve animal health, reduce machine downtime or bring other tangible benefits.
Icon Building

Comfy offices

Convenient location, carefully curated snacks & coffee, relax rooms, or a room to sleep in.

Weekly knowledge sharing

Every Friday, we share our know-how mostly on technical topics via a 1-hour presentation.

Non-work fun

We like to grab a drink, play board games, bike to Únětice or share travel experiences.

About us

We’re a Czech company of 80+ tech enthusiasts. We use our expertise in AI, data science, software engineering and UI to improve well-being of cows, reduce microscope downtime or help eliminate food waste.  

We've successfully implemented 100+ AI projects in industries such as agritech, manufacturing or biotech. We develop end-to-end custom solutions as well as ready-made platforms.

Datamole is built on and focused on family-like atmosphere. We're looking for new colleagues who enjoy friendly company culture and want to work on projects with a beneficial impact on the industry.

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