Software solutions and app development

Our solutions live when deployed in production and the end user can benefit of it. Our software development teams can build microservices and provide you with an API, develop web or mobile application or build augmented or virtual reality solutions.  

We do not see ourselves as a software company that does AI & ML just for the sake of trendiness. Rather, we are an AI & ML company that delivers smart software solutions for our clients.


New services
based on data

Whether you are interested in device monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions, process automation and production optimization, or predictive analytics and modeling, our software development teams will be able to create new services based on your data for web, mobile or VR & AR environments.

Datamole Service App

The DSA is a web application for data visualisation and smart dashboards. It visualizes real-time information about devices, outcomes of data analytics, results of predictive models and serve as a business intelligence tool.

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We can help you become an AI-driven industry

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