Data Solutions & IIoT platform

With our expertise in data engineering, we are able to provide solutions help you collect,
integrate, analyze and present your data in a precise and comprehensible way.

Everything connected, new generation of collecting data from your devices and processing on scale.
That is Datamole Data Platform – a cloud-based solution that enables large scale data
collection from any device as well as scalable processing and storage of collected data.


Datamole Data Platform

Your foundation to become an AI-driven business.


The platform connects all your devices and allows to collect the data as well as send information back to the device.


Data of any type and any size. The polyglot storage can store any amount and any type of data your device will produce. The platform is dynamically scalable by design and the state-of-the-art architecture provides high availability and reliability.


The platform is easily extensible to integrate new business cases via multiple extensibility points. You are in control to choose the right type of cloud services for each given use case.

Making simple devices smart, smart devices smarter

Gain control over your devices from the cloud and adapt them to their environment. Extract knowledge from collected data and propagate intelligence back to the devices. Help your products to evolve with data.


Your data is safe

The platform’s security-centric architecture is based on Microsoft Azure that possesses the most security certifications in the industry. Access to the data is easily controlled, monitored and audited.

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We can help you become an AI-driven industry

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